We've always loved the GS by BMW. Still we always thought something more "aesthetic" could be done on this iconic motorcycle.

BMWFred Jourdan

This bike used to be a "GS". It has now been turned into a "city commuter", still with an ability to handle a bit off road, as wished by its owner.

BMWFred Jourdan
BMW R100 GS Black Ops

This '83 BMW R100GS was fully rebuilt by us and transformed into a machine which, we think, could have been used for some kind of "black operation".

BMWFred Jourdan

This '74 BMW R75/5 was found by us on behalf of the client who commissioned us for the project. When found, half of its engine was missing.

BMWFred Jourdan
Guzzi SP1000 Monica

This '79 SP1000 Guzzi was delivered to us in the worst condition we had ever seen. And that was our first Guzzi. Could it be even worse?

GuzziFred Jourdan
BMW R100 Ba'R'a

We decided to convert this heavy "Mystic" R100R from '92 into a bike that could have taken place, somehow, to the "Baja Race" back in the seventies.`

BMWFred Jourdan
BMW R80GS Dirt Island

This '84 BMW R80GS was sent to us from Tahiti. It arrived in a quite rotted condition and we assume its owner was often riding off road on this one.

BMWFred Jourdan
Suzuki DR650 'The Arsenale'

The donor machine is a 650 Suzuki DR RS (with electric start) from 1994.We completely rebuilt the machine (both frame and engine) to turn it into this big toy for big boys.

SuzukiFred Jourdan