BMW R80GS Dirt Island

This '84 BMW R80GS was sent to us from Tahiti. It arrived in a quite rotted condition and we assume its owner was often riding off road on this one.

We made our decision to go for a "dirt track" look and make its motorcycle look like a sexy and still serious lady.

Photos: Gary Jézégabel.

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Suzuki DR650 'The Arsenale'

The donor machine is a 650 Suzuki DR RS (with electric start) from 1994.

We completely rebuilt the machine (both frame and engine) to turn it into this big toy for big boys.

This project was commissioned by TheArsenale.

TheArsenale is the motion authority that gathers the finest inventions mobility craftsmen could ever create.

Photos by Gary Jézégabel.

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BMW R100R Blue Phantom

The donor machine is a 1993 BMW R100R.

Fully restored, we turned in into a sweet street tracker on behalf of its German owner.
We also decided to go for a paint job on the tank and picked up the official blue used by Rolls Royce for some of their beautiful cars (among which the world famous Phantom).

Pictures by: Gary Jézégabel

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Pictures by: Gary Jézégabel

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W650 The Blue Raven

The donor machine is a Kawasaki W650 from 2001.

Even though we were told by our mothers that dark blue and black do not match, we decided to go for it.

Given the smile on the face of its happy owner, we guess our mothers can be wrong sometimes.

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Photos: Gary Jézégabel

W650 El Tigre

When the English owner of this 2002 Kawasaki W650 came and see us to commission us for a project, he confessed that he used to be nicknamed "El Tigre" back in the days.

How could we resist then to mix a bit of his English DNA to his own Japanese bike?

We therefore could not resist: adding the famous Triumph T100 Tiger emblem to the tank we decided to install on this machine.

This "El Tigre" is definitely his very bike: they have now a common story.

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Photos: Gary Jézégabel