When it comes to finding the perfect riding gear, we have always come to the same conclusion: a pair of jeans.

We've personally been wearing Edwin jean's for the last 10 years and are therefore extremely proud to have set up a strong partnership with them. Edwin listen to our needs and fully meets them.

Scarves are the "must have" detail for any motorcycle rider: they keep your throat warm and add a subtle touch to your wardrobe. Like us, the guys behind 'A piece of chic' are 100% committed and passionate. Their products are made in Lyon, worldwide capital city for the silk industry.

We love working with the best in their field.

When the time comes to hit the road, a few "tools" are always needed. Among them, knives are very important to us. This is why we looked for the best "knives builder". And we have finally found them.

Founded in 2008 by father & son (Jackson and Luke), Custom.Scale.Division is your source for premium knife customising. They offer CNC machined aftermarket scales for production knives and folders made from synthethics such as G10, Micarta, Aero Carbon and premium woods. In the past they built more than 5000 scales and shipped to almost every country in the world.

Custom.Scale.Division - proudly made in Germany.

F-B-C is a French artisanal brand created by Charles Niehues. Elixirs of pure juice, distilled by a brain inflamed, about the vintage culture. All their creations are worked individually by hand, respecting all techniques of traditional work to have a genuine result.

No wonder why then we were immediately touched by their spirit and their way of working.

Motul is a world-class international company specialized in the formulation, production and distribution of high-tech engine lubricants (motorcycles, cars and other vehicles).

Unanimously recognized for more than 160 years for the quality of its products, innovation capacity and implication on the field of high-level competition, Motul is also recognized as "The premium specialist lubricants company".

As early as 1971, Motul was the first lubricant manufacturer to pioneer the formulation of a 100% synthetic lubricant, making use of Esters of vegetable origin and applying aeronautical technology for its formulation. True to its motorsport heritage and as a tribute to the 300 victories obtained by the brand at that date, this revolutionary lubricant was called 300V.

No wonder why we feel blessed to be their partner!!!

Inspired by the industrial universe of the 20th century, Bleu de Chauffe bags re-invented work bags in a contemporary and urban way.

Professional bags with a clear and sharp design, Bleu de Chauffe products are simple, practical and stylish. Each Bleu de Chauffe bag has a traceability label. On this label, the artisan sign and date each leather bag he has built.

All Bleu de Chauffe bags are made in France.

It was therefore obvious for us to collaborate with these passion-driven people to provide you with some awesome leather bags.

With a specially custom-made belt, this first partnership between Blitz Motorcycles and L'Anguille* seems tightly fastened.

At the end of the nineteenth century, l'anguille (the eel) was the slang word used by the Parisian thieves to design a belt.

Manufactured in the heart of Paris, each belt is made upon order. Expect two
weeks for delivery.

Real luxury is based upon time and craftsmanship realized the founderof Mauban Chaussures (Edouard) when he discovered his grand-grand-father's boots. Almost one-hundred years old with perfect lines, he felt the need to give life back to the know-how that shaped these boots.

Edouard left his job in a French minister’s staff and started a two-years Tour-de-France of the best artisans and their unique craftsmanship. Mauban was born, named after his ancestor’s family name.

Mauban handcrafts outstanding boots to last a lifetime.