This '83 BMW R100GS was fully rebuilt by us and transformed into a machine which, we think, could have been used for some kind of "black operation".

We wanted this bike to look stealth and "mean".

We assume we achieved this double goal.

It shall now have a new life in Miami, Florida - US.

Pictures: Hugo Jézégabel

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This '74 BMW R75/5 was found by us on behalf of the client who commissioned us for the project. When found, half of its engine was missing.

Still we saw a real "potential" in this dead bike.

That's why we named it "Sroul", which means "Black Magic" in Arabic.

It took us longer than usual to reach the final result we were seeking but the wait was worth it.

It shall now have a new life in the UK.

Pictures: Gary Jézégabel

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Yamaha TW 125 Blue Tracker

This Yamaha TW 125 has been fully redesigned to look like a "real" bike even though its owner did not want to ride a "big toy".

Once again we got inspired by the fantastic and timeless "dirt track" look because he wanted to ba able to lighlty go off road from time to time on the roads of his native Normandy country side.

Given the smile upon his face when he discovered the machine, we assume he pictured himself easily on the handlbar of his new "little toy".

Photos: Gary Jézégabel.

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BMW R100R Blue Dirt

When the owner of this BMW R100 R came and see us, he had just crashed his bike riding it on a dirt trail. We can be cheeky sometimes: we decided we would go for a real "dirt track" inspiration to help him seat back on the saddle with no fear.

Fully rebuilt engine, frame and electric wiring.

We hope now he will not hesitate to take it back on dirt trails.

Photos: Gary Jézégabel

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Guzzi SP1000 Monica

This '79 SP1000 Guzzi was delivered to us in the worst condition we had ever seen. And that was our first Guzzi. Could it be even worse?

We completely re-built this dead bike and brought her back to life under the Italian name of "Monica".

We assume you don't need us to enlighten you on the reason why we picked an Itlain girl name for that one...

Photos: Aurore de Bettignies

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