Lucas de Stael x Blitz sunglasses

Lucas de Stael x Blitz sunglasses


Funded in 2012, Lucas de Staël is a Paris-based glasses manufacturer who combines traditional French know-how with an innovative mindset, allowing the workshop to perpetually redefine, by-pass and push the limits and rules of eyewear manufacturing.

Sharing the same love for nature and craftsmanship, we collaborated with them on a special sunglasses series, resulting in pilot spectacles covering a large part of the face, fit for outdoors wild rides.

These sunglasses:

- are hand made in Paris

- are made of surgical stainless steel skeleton (and laser cut)

- are covered with genuine cow leather

- come in 3 colours (black leather / green glass ; dark brown leather / brown glass ; light brown leather / blue glass).

UVA / UVB portected lenses.

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